Schedule of Classes
Political Science Major Curriculum

The BA/BS degree in Political Science requires a minimum of 39 semester hours. The required courses in the program (24 semester hours) are as follows: PSCI 201, 245, 271, 280, 319, and 499. In addition, students take 6 hours in the American Politics Core and 6 hours in the World Politics Core. The remaining 9 semester hours consist of elective courses chosen by the student in consultation with the students academic advisor. Students must take at least 12 hours at the 400 level in addition to PSCI 499.

Students are advised to use these electives to develop special expertise in concentrated areas such as American politics or World Politics, and formal concentrations are available in both of these areas. Political Science majors are strongly encouraged to pursue minor programs in related areas of study; among the minors frequently chosen are Civic Leadership, Communications, Criminology & Criminal Justice, Economics, Public Administration, and Business Administration.

When planning their course of study in Political Science, students should consult both the four-year plan for completing the degree and thetwo-year course rotation.  The four-year plan for completion assumes that a student starts the major as a freshman.  For transfer students or students who declare the major after freshman year, they should consult with their academic advisor to determine the best plan for completing the degree in two or three years.

Internships & Study Abroad

Internships can be arranged which provide students with the opportunity to gain experience working in government agencies, public service organizations, and the private sector. A special department internship advisor assists in procuring placements.

Indiana State University is strongly committed to international education and as such seeks to provide students with various opportunities for studying abroad. The Political Science department is heavily involved in such programs and will work closely with students interested in participating. For information about specific study abroad opportunities, please contact Ms. Janis Halpern, the Director for Academic Programs Abroad, at 237-3427 or jhalpern@indstate.edu, or check out the Academic Programs Abroad website.


Students wishing to major in Political Science must meet the basic University admissions standards and must formally declare a major in Political Science. To be certified for graduation with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science, a student must satisfy all of the Department's criteria with regard to required and elective courses as well as achieving an overall grade point average of 2.20 in the 39 semester hours that constitute the major program. For further information, the toll-free number to call the Admissions Office is 1-800-742-0891 (nationwide).


In addition to the admissions standards mentioned above, international students must provide evidence of financial responsibility and proficiency in English. All international students interested in attending ISU should complete the appropriate application on the Office of Admissions website. Additional information can be found on the website of ISU's Office of International Programs and Services. International students should begin the admissions process early since several months will be necessary to complete it.


Information on tuition and academic fees can be found on the Sycamore Express website. Students from Illinois counties are eligible for theIllinois Student Scholarship, and students from some Midwestern states are eligible for the Midwest Consortium Scholarship; please consult the Office of Admissions for information on these scholarships.


Financial aid is available through a very wide variety of sources, a few examples being: scholarships provided by the University, state and federal governments, private individuals and associations, and businesses; low-cost loans; and work/study programs. Most people will find professional assistance invaluable (and often absolutely necessary) in exploring aid opportunities. Thus you are strongly urged to contact the ISU Financial Aid Office for information and help.


All Political Science majors are assigned a faculty advisor who assists them in planning their course schedules to assure that all graduation requirements are met. Academic advisors will also work with students to plan their post-graduate education or career goals. Students are also encouraged to become familiar with the offerings and opportunities of the university's Career Center as they plan their post-graduate careers.


The Political Science Department also offers a Bachelor's Degree in Legal Studies for those students interested in preparing for a career in the legal profession. Information about the program can be obtained from the Political Science Department, TEL: (812) 237-2430.