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Faculty and Staff

Our Back on Track plans are in place for the safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors to Indiana State. We care deeply about the Sycamore community and have thus put measures in place honoring our values as an institution and leading by example in our community. Additionally, every individual is expected to take responsibility for their own health and safety and act in a manner that demonstrates respect and consideration for others around them.

Face coverings

Following new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ISU has lifted the mask mandate for people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

  • If you are FULLY VACCINATED, masks are optional for you anywhere on campus.
  • If you are NOT FULLY VACCINATED, you must continue wearing a face covering indoors. You may unmask on campus only in a private office or private residence hall room.

ISU strongly encourages everyone to get vaccinated. Thanks for keeping us Sycamore strong!

Coming to work

  • Employees should do a self-assessment by taking your temperature and assuring you do not have any other signs or symptoms associated with COVID.
  • Staff and faculty are required to complete the daily health assessment survey. A green checkmark is required to engage in all campus activities; if a red "X" is received, employees are asked to remain off campus until contacted. 
  • Employees are asked to stay home if they have been in contact with anyone that has COVID.  
  • Employees are requested to practice good hygiene and hand washing etiquette.

Communication protocols

Please fill out this form and contact your supervisor and Human Resources if you are experiencing any COVID signs and symptoms, have been exposed to someone with COVID, or test positive for COVID yourself. 

Academic accommodations and notifications

Process of contact tracing:

Contact tracing, for the majority of cases begins when one of the following occur:

1) a “not cleared” on the Sycamore Daily Health Tracker,
2) notification to the Office of the Dean of Students or,
3) notification from the Vigo County Health Department,
4) being named as a close contact to a person who has tested positive for Covid-19,
5) faculty forwarding information to the Office of the Dean of Students and

Due to various factors some students are not being identified by one of these methods and therefore we are not being informed us of their status, meaning we do not have the knowledge to start the contact tracing process. 

Once we receive the initial “case,” we add them to a list of “needs contacted for contact tracing” list, and case is assigned to a Contact Tracer (CT).  CTs make initial contact by phone (if possible) or email.  Often we are experiencing significant lag from students responding to the CTs (frequently 24-48 hour delays). 

After the CT speaks to the student, they update case notes and add close contacts (for people who have tested positive for COVID-19) to the “close contact” list for outreach and quarantine. An electronic file is created (within 24-48 hours after case completion) for each COVID-19 positive student.  Faculty notifications are to ideally occur within 1-2 business days.

Faculty notifications:

In full transparency, the notifications  have been taking longer than we would like for several reasons but primarily due to the volume of notifications (vs. staff able to do the notifications) and lag time from when a student knows they are COVID-19 positive or a close contact and when we find out they are. 

We are moving as quickly as possible, but the average is 2-3 days from when we are notified of the need for official notifications, though we are aware of some outlier situations.  We have recently adjusted our processes in order to send notifications in a timelier manner.

Students making notifications:

As students are asked to communicate with faculty about class participation and course delivery, students are reaching out to their faculty prior to receiving a faculty notification from the Office of the Dean of Students.  Often the moment they aren’t “cleared” through the Sycamore Daily Health Assessment or when they hear that they are positive for COVID-1919 or someone they know is, they reach out to their faculty, which is often 24-48 hours prior to someone getting to speak to them depending on the volume of “not cleared” students in any given day.  

When you hear from students that they are not cleared for any reason to attend class, please tell them to reach out to the Office of the Dean of Students or immediately.  You can also forward that information you receive from the students to us.

COVID-19 work accommodations and frequently asked questions

  • Faculty and staff are encouraged to use Human Resources and their website for information regarding work accommodations, leave, and benefits during COVID. 
  • For employee frequently asked questions please visit the Human Resources website

Who do I contact for COVID signage, social distancing stickers, masks, and cleaning supplies?

Contact the office of Environmental Safety

For postage, signage, stickers, etc, please visit the University Marketing website.

For cleaning supplies, please contact Facilities Management at x8197. 



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