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Insurance Abroad

Indiana State University encourages students to enroll with GeoBlue Insurance while traveling abroad.

GeoBlue members leave home knowing that trusted care is just around the corner no matter the town, country or time zone. Our elite network of global providers, innovative online and mobile tools, concierge approach to customer service and new partnership with Bupa Global let us deliver peace of mind all around the world.

GeoBlue is a leader and innovator in international healthcare. Our group health plans combine unsurpassed service and mobile technology to help our members access trusted doctors and hospitals all around the globe. They also offer confidential counseling and support services to provide members with worldwide access to information, resources, and counseling on any personal or family related issue.

For more information, visit GeoBlue's website:

Parents and Students, look into the GeoBlue Mobile App*. 

Features include:

  • Search providers for medical, dental, or mental health care and map them using GPS technology*.
  • Arrange Direct Pay for future appointments to secure cashless access to care.
  • Access issued guarantees of payment to view and share with doctors and hospitals.
  • File a claim by entering information or sending a photo of a completed form.**
  • Find a medication’s availability, generic name, and local brand name.
  • Translate medical terms and phrases for many symptoms and situations; use the audio feature to play the translation.
  • Display an ID Card on a smart phone and email/fax a copy directly to provider’s office.
  • View country or city profiles on crime, terrorism and natural disasters.

Download the app by clicking below, and log in using your username and password from, or register as a new user through the app using information from your GeoBlue ID card.

Go Blue Apple app
Go Blue Android app
Go Blue Amazon app

*Available to long-term plans only.