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We understand things don't always go as planned. In the case of an emergency, the very first thing you do is contact your country's emergency services.

Review this list provided by the State Department containing emergency numbers for different countries.

What is an Emergency?

  • Serious or prolonged illness or injury
  • You or a fellow Indiana State student is suffering from extreme homesickness or depression
  • Checking in after a natural disaster, political unrest, etc.
  • You have been arrested

What is NOT an Emergency?

  • Academic issues: including grades, course credit, transcript, or graduation issues
  • Study Abroad application questions
  • Flight, train, bus, boat, etc. purchasing questions
  • Budget questions
  • Travel advice
  • Flight delays - you will have submitted your flight itinerary to your host university, they will see you have been delayed

US State Department Overseas Citizens Service

In case of an emergency, the US State Department's Overseas Citizens Service can help a friend or family member with the process of sending money to you.

Your stateside contact can access this service by calling (888) 407-4747 or from outside the U.S. (202) 501-4444. Beyond that, the United States Embassy in the host country can provide advice and assistance in extreme situations.