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The writing sequence at ISU consists of two requirements: first-year composition and advanced composition. The first-year requirement consists of a two-semester sequence of English 101, writing from personal experience, and English 105, writing researched papers. The advanced composition requirement consists of one course at the junior level.

Freshman Composition 

ENG 101  and ENG 105 or

ENG 107 or ENG 108 or

GH 101 and GH 201 (and completion of the University Honors curriculum

Honor Student Exemption
Honors students with an SAT Evidence Based Reading & Writing score of 700 or higher, an SAT Reading Test score of 35 or higher, or an ACT English score of 29 or higher do not have to take a Freshmen Composition course as long as they complete the Honors curriculum. In that case, GH 101 and GH 201 will need to be completed before the student can enroll in a Junior Composition course.

Junior Composition

Select one upper-division course from the following:

BEIT 336ENG 305ENG 305TENG 307ENG 308ENG 313 or HRD 340  

International Student Requirements: ESL 103A, ESL 103B, ENG 105 and a Junior Composition course.

Learning Outcomes


Students with 4 SAT critical reading scores of 510 or above or ACT English usage scores of 20 or above take English 107 or English 108, both of which are accelerated versions of 101 and 105, in lieu of the two-semester sequence. 

Students must have completed forty-five credit hours and first-year composition requirements to enroll in the Junior Composition course.

International Students must take the English Language Placement Test in order to determine their placement in ESL 103A, ESL 103B or ENG 105. Students who have not take the EPT will be placed in ESL 103A.


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