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Upper-Division Integrative Electives


Select from one of the options listed below. Upper Division Electives require 45 earned credit hours or more at time of registration. 

a.  Select two upper-division, integrative electives from the following:

ACE 350AET 330AFRI 312AFRI 329AHS 305BUS 401COUN 425CRIM 355ECON 302ECON 331ECON 353ECON 355ELED 457ENG 335ENG 484ENG 486ENG 487ENVI 310,  ENVI 360 /PHYS 360ENVI 361ENVI 376ENVI 419ENVI 423ENVI 426ENVI 460EPSY 401HIST 320HIST 336HIST 345HIST 350LLL 350MATH 492MUS 300MUS 329MUS 350NURC 317NURC 486NURS 486PE 333PHIL 313PHYS 360PSCI 479PSY 350PSY 485SOC 302SOWK 450SOWK 494TMGT 421GNDR 402GNDR 450, or Sycamore Career Ready Certificate; or

b.  One upper-division, integrative elective and a one-course equivalent study abroad experience; or

c.  One upper-division, integrative elective and completion of a second major, a minor, a certificate, or an education degree where the content is taken outside of the Bayh College of Education.

Learning Outcomes

Approved courses




Students must meet the FS Upper-Division Integrative Elective Category #1 and Category #2 UDIE requirements. Please see the list of approved courses.

UDIE Category #2 may be waived with completion of one of the following: Previous AAS degree, a minor, a second major, a certificate, or an education degree outside of the College of Education. Service members stationed outside of the U.S. on active duty military service also qualify.

Students who do not complete the Honors College Curriculum (GH 101, 201, 301 & 401), are required to complete UDIE CATEGORY #1 and #2 courses.