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Mentoring Programs at ISU

In addition to the Mentoring Center's program that welcomes any ISU student to sign up for a mentor, ISU has a wide variety of more specialized mentoring programs. Please see below for more details on each program.

Bayh College of Education Peer Mentoring Program

Bayh College of Education Peer Mentor Program logoThe Bayh College of Education’s Peer Mentoring Program provides a community based on positive interactions with fellow students. The program adheres to a social conscience that recognizes successes, adversities, and challenges as opportunities to enhance the learning environment for future educators. Peer mentors are available throughout the week, and all BCOE students are welcome and encouraged to participate. Please visit their website or contact Education Student Services (UH 115) for more information. Follow them on Instagram @isubcoemp.


CAS (College of Arts and Sciences) Alumni Mentors

Many students are passionate about arts and sciences but worry that a degree will not lead directly to a rewarding career. As hundreds of studies and surveys confirm each year, nothing could be further from the truth. The skills and knowledge that you receive with and arts and sciences education prepare you—as well as, or better than other majors—for the rapidly changing economy of the twenty-first century. One recent study concluded that 20 years from now, one-half of all jobs or careers there will be do not exist today. Graduates will need, more than ever, to be adaptable, be lifelong learners, and be able to relate to and work with people from every part of the United States and the world. Our alumni do that. These College of Arts and Sciences alumni have agreed to serve as mentors for current or future students. Included on the CAS website are short biographies and an email link. Students, please read their stories and, if you’d like, reach out to these CAS alums and get advice and hear more about how their degrees here made all of that possible. For more information and to find alumni biographies, please visit the CAS Alumni Mentors Program website.

Destination Success (Bailey College of Engineering and Technology Female STEM Majors)

The Destination Success Program in the Bailey College of Engineering and Technology is a pilot program targeted at increasing student success and career readiness in female students pursuing areas of study in STEM housed in the Bailey College of Engineering and Technology. Sponsors for the group included both internal academic and external industry-based sponsors for each student participant. The goals of the project are to increase academic success and career readiness of students thru utilizing existing campus resources and external campus connections.

The purpose of students working with internal and external champions is so students can make connections between the academic and professional arenas. Students meet with a champion a minimum of one time per month for one-on-one sessions. They also attend monthly meetings with the larger Destination Success group. Success of the project is being measured by the following metrics:

  • Increase Grade Point Average in participants
  • Measure financial aid progression of students (have they been SAP’ed)
  • Track frequency of registration by priority registration of applicants
  • Track number of courses added/dropped after the beginning of the semester
  • Increase or continue to successfully complete 15 credit hours per semester for participants
  • Increase the frequency of participation at the career center and academic advisor for participants
  • Measure participant satisfaction with the program
  • Measure sponsor satisfaction with the program
  • Measure non-participant academic and career ready progress

FirstSycamores Mentoring (Incoming First-Year Students)

FirstSycamores Mentoring is open to any incoming freshman. Students are assigned to faculty and staff mentors who will help them make the transition from high school to college. The goals of the program are below:

  • To assist new students in making a successful academic and personal adjustment to Indiana State University
  • To assist new students in getting acclimated to campus
  • To show new students how to access and leverage campus resources
  • To provide faculty and staff members the opportunity to develop a meaningful connection with a first-year student
  • To provide new students with the opportunity to develop a meaningful connection with a faculty or staff member

For more information on FirstSycamores Mentoring, call (812) 237-2700.

Honors Peer Mentors

The Honors Peer Mentors are experienced students in the Honors College who mentor first-year Honors students as they adjust to life at Indiana State University. Each incoming Honors student is networked with a peer mentor who will offer advice, answer questions, and be a friendly face on campus as you transition into the ISU community. The Honors Peer Mentors are involved in numerous organizations on campus and also with the Honors College, so they know first-hand what it is like to be a motivated student, take Honors classes, live on campus, study abroad, and effectively balance time between school and extra-curricular commitments. They are excited to share their experiences and get to know you! For more information, please visit their website or contact Katie Lugar at or (812) 237-3222.

ISUcceed (First-Year Students)

The ISUcceed program was created to assist students with the transition from high school to Indiana State. ISUcceed addresses issues that commonly impede student success such as time management, engagement and study skills. The ISUcceed transition and mentoring program provides historically underrepresented students:

  • Mentorship (freshmen are assigned junior or senior mentor)

  • Engagement in cultural identity development programming

  • Registration in 3 credit hour UC 110 ISUcceed freshman seminar course

  • Direct access to human and institutional resources

  • Opportunities for social and community Involvement

For more information, please contact Valerie Hart-Craig at or (812) 237-3811.

MAPS (Mentoring Assistance for Productive Scholars)

The AACC’s longest-standing retention initiative, MAPS pairs students with professionals in their academic area of interest and provides a space for students to develop professionally and gain a stronger sense of cultural identity. This MAPS program targets college sophomores and juniors & has a proven track record of developing student leadership & preparing them for life beyond graduation. MAPS is experiential learning at its best and the logical "next step" for an I-Succeed student to consider as they move forward in their academic pursuits. For more information, please contact Valerie Hart-Craig at or (812) 237-3811.

Residential Peer Mentors - STARS Initiative and Project Success (First Year Student Programs)

Residential Peer Mentors (RPMs) work with the STARS Initiative and Project Success. RPMs are upper-class students who live on our STARS and Project Success floors in the Residence Halls, similar to a Resident Assistant (RA), but they focus on helping their students develop successful academic habits during their first year at Indiana State University. For more information on the RPM position, please visit their website or contact Stephanie Pearcy at or (812) 237-2278.

Summer Undergraduate Research Experiences (SURE)

Summer Undergraduate Research Experiences (SURE) is a 10-week research-intensive program designed to build a community of undergraduate researchers. During the program, SURE students are mentored by faculty on independent research projects, present their research at weekly plenary meetings, present a poster at the culminating SURE Symposium, and participate in social and service activities. Beginning in 2006, the Department of Chemistry and Physics at ISU has administered the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) program. Today, this program spans all the sciences and many projects are interdisciplinary. Since its inception, faculty have mentored over 500 students through SURE. The relationships built over the summer continue as students often conduct research throughout the school year. For more information, please contact Dr. Ryan Van Hoveln ( or Dr. Eric Glendening (

Ten Thousand Coffees (Student-Alumni Networking and Mentoring)

Ten Thousand Coffees is the Career Center’s alumni mentor platform. This is an excellent networking opportunity for students to connect with alumni in their early, mid, or late careers. It is a chance for students to meet individuals inside and outside of their industry, expand their perspectives, gain advice in specific areas, and improve networking skills with professionals. The platform matches mentees and mentors based on their interest preferences. It also allows the participants to take initiative with how much they want to gain from the experience and how often they will chat, and the platform provides ice breaker tips. This is a much more relaxed mentoring program than one might think; it really just serves as a user-friendly platform for students and alums to connect, with the possibility of making a lifelong connection. If interested in joining, please follow this link to create an account:

If you have questions, please contact Christa Stultz, Employer Relations Coordinator in the Career Center at

Transition Mentor (State Engage - New Student Transition Programs)

The Transition Mentor is a leadership position hosted in the Office of New Student Transition Programs in conjunction with State Engage, the second part of the required orientation program. This position is an outstanding opportunity to meet and mentor a diverse, dynamic group of individuals in order to help prepare them for their experience at State. Transition Mentors are essential in helping to facilitate the adjustment of new students to the ISU community. Mentors play a key role in the transition of new students through summer communication, State Engage, and State Welcome. If you are interested in this opportunity and to learn more, please visit or contact

Follow them on Instagram @ISU_nstp and Facebook @ISU.NSTP.

University College’s Probation & Mentoring Program

Optional – The University College's Peer Mentoring Program for students on academic probation supports participants’ educational goals. Peer Mentors assist with motivation and student commitment to achieving their academic and professional goals. The mentor works to enhance students' awareness of academic challenges and provide solutions grounded in proven methodologies. Strategies include developing a growth mindset, emphasizing positive self-talk, and developing studying and learning plans.

Mandatory - The University College's Peer Mentoring Program for students who have been reinstated after academic dismissal supports participants’ educational success goals. It entails a collaborative structure aimed at helping students to identify their academic challenges and hone metacognitive approaches to effective, efficient, and deep learning. Peer mentors listen closely, motivate, and encourage students’ academic commitment. Strategies include developing a growth mindset, emphasizing positive self-talk, and developing studying and learning plans.

For more information about the program or becoming a Peer Mentor, please contact Dean Linda Maule, Ph.D. ( or Amanda Muhammad, Ph.D. (, or visit the University College's Academic Probation website.

First in my Family Mentoring Program

The First in my Family Mentoring Program connects first-generation undergraduate students with First-Generation faculty, staff, and Alumni. The overall goal is to provide students with support and guidance during their time at ISU. During the year-long commitment, students will be exposed to academic, professional, and career development opportunities. As part of this program, mentors will have the chance to build a strong relationship with students, assisting and guiding them to graduation and beyond. The goals of the program are below:

  • Assist first-generation students in making a successful academic and personal adjustment to ISU
  • Assist first-generation students in getting acclimated to campus
  • Provide first-generation students with the opportunity to develop a meaningful connection with faculty, staff, and alumni  
  • Provide faculty, staff, and alumni the opportunity to develop a meaningful connection with students

If you are interested in signing up for the First in my Family mentoring program, please get in touch with Dr. Aaron Slocum at


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