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SEM Vision and Accountability Plan

The SEM Vision, A Vision for 2023 and Beyond outlines the evolving landscape of Higher Education and the many enrollment challenges that ISU is facing. This document describes how ISU can best strategically position itself in the market to combat these challenges. This documents highlights market segments that we would like to grow and specific enrollment levers that can be used to reach our goals.

The Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Accountability Plan supports the full implementation and prioritization of ISU’s SEM Vision 2023, released in Spring 2021. The goals, strategies and objectives of the SEM plan will guide our recruitment- and retention-related efforts over the next three years, and are fundamental to the mission and vitality of the university. The SEM Accountability Plan also balances the need for clear expectations against the need for flexibility to learn from our efforts and adapt to a rapidly changing environment. Key to the full implementation of the SEM plan is the establishment of an organized accountability structure that includes clear expectations, regular reporting and assigned accountability. To that end, the SEM accountability plan allows for broad implementation and localization of specific tactics that support the achievement of desired outcomes.