The Women's Resource Center provides three primary services: Victim Advocacy, Menstrual Products, and a Lactation Space.


Indiana State University Victim Advocate

If you are the victim of a sexual assault, other sex offense, dating violence, domestic violence or stalking (even if you are not certain), please review the Victim Packet for assistance. You may call the Indiana State Victim Advocate at 812-243-7272 or 740-590-0247. You may also consider the options listed below.

Here are some basic steps you can take:

1. Go to a safe place.

2. Consider your reporting options. Your options include reporting the offense to:

3. You may seek medical attention.

4. Consider steps to preserve and record evidence.

5. You may seek assistance in changing university academic, living, working, and transportation situations, regardless of whether you choose to report the crime to University Police or local law enforcement.

6. You may seek an order of protection, a court-ordered no contact order, a restraining order or similar lawful orders from a court of competent jurisdiction.

7. You may seek additional help, counseling advocacy, legal assistance and other assistance.

Comprehensive Advocacy Program

Our comprehensive advocacy program is designed to support victims holistically.  The program allows the victim to take charge of their healing by following a three tiered prevention model:

  • Primary Prevention: Educating the campus and community on sexual violence and domestic violence by utilizing various mediums to reach specific and targeted audiences. 
  • Secondary Prevention: Offering victim advocates, who serve as the institution’s immediate response in assisting our students that are victims and survivors of sexual violence, gender-based violence and harassment, and domestic and dating violence.
  • Tertiary Prevention: Incorporates both the primary and secondary prevention models in creating a long term response to not only our victims but our education on the topic of sexual violence.

Enveloped within the comprehensive advocacy program are the following components: the Victim Advocacy Training Program; Victim Advocates; programming on issues of gender, sexuality, sexual and interpersonal violence as well as other types of outreach and collaboration.  If you are interested in participating in the Victim Advocate Training Program, please click on the packet of Information below and submit to Amanda Hobson.


The WRC understands that the high cost of menstrual products and the taxation of these incredibly necessary items can impact our students, faculty, and staff.  One of our advocacy projects is to continue to raise awareness about this vital issue facing many individuals. To that end, we offer a limited supply menstrual products, including tampons, pads, and panty liners, free of charge in the WRC and throughout the bathrooms on the 7th floor of HMSU.  Because we believe that healthy sexuality is important for our students, faculty, and staff, we also have a supply of condoms, internal condoms, and dental dams in the WRC and the bathrooms on the floor.  Please contact the Women's Resource Center to learn more about this service.


The Women's Resource Center provides a quiet, private area for women of ISU who are nursing or who need a space to pump. If you are in need of the space or would like to learn more about our lactation space, please contact the WRC director at 812-237-3829. 





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