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What is FAD?
The Faculty Activity Database (FAD) is an electronic portfolio software designed to help manage faculty activities and accomplishments. The FAD provide faculty with a single location to store, maintain, and manage their professional work, while allowing administrators the ability evaluate, report against, and benchmark their faculty's activities. The data collected and stored in this repository will be used for publicizing the accomplishments of faculty, departmental and college annual reports, biennial reviews, performance evaluation, accreditation reporting and other reporting as needed by the University and colleges.

Who will have access?
All faculty have a FAD account and can access FAD through the MyISU Portal. This includes, tenure, tenure-track, multi-year, and one-year contract faculty. Deans, Associate Deans, and Department Chairs have also identified administrative assistants or support personnel in their areas that will need access to FAD for reporting purposes.

How do I access FAD?
First-time users: Login to the Portal, click on “MyISU Apps” and select the Faculty Actitivty Database badge (shown right). This will automatically log you into the software.

All administrative accounts (non-faculty) will need to access FAD via the direct url login. Only faculty will be able to see the badge in MyISU Portal.

How will this be used?
FAD is meant to replace the many different ways faculty keep track of their Teaching/Librarianship, Research/Scholarship [in the FAD: Intellectual Contributions], and Service. It should also make it easier to keep information up-to-date. If information is in the FAD then administrators will be able to generate many reports without having to ask faculty at random times and with "I need it now" requests. The more information that's in the FAD will make everyone's contributions and activities more consistent, findable and recognizable. It will allow departments, colleges and Academic Affairs to create complete and up-to-date reflections of what is going on and who is doing it.

What browser should I use?
Many faculty have found that Internet Explorer does not process as quickly as other browsers, such as Firefox. In addition, it is recommended that all users of FAD keep their browsers and operating systems as up-to-date as possible to maximize performance.

Who can see my data
As a faculty member, only you, your department chair, associate deans, and dean can see your data. Many departments and colleges have also given additional administrative assistants or other personnel access to enter activities or run reports. These individuals may have access to view and manage your data.

What data will be automatically loaded into FAD and when?
At the end of every semester, Teaching Activities will be loaded from Banner. Advising will also be loaded. Loaded information will be read-only for the faculty member but additional information can be added to further annotate each listing. If information is incorrect, contact your department chair.  A FAD Team member will gather Faculty Senate, Senate Committee, College Committee and University Committee information. A .csv file will be sent once or twice a year. Individuals can enter this information but be sure information is not duplicated. Guidelines on how to enter a Committee Name will be developed for consistency; one rule right now: SPELL OUT COMMITTEE NAMES; do not use acronyms.

Who do I do if the information loaded into FAD is incorrect?

  • 1. While in the FAD, click on "Contact Our Helpdesk". Fill out the form and Submit. Do this for incorrect information as well as suggestions.
  • 2. Check with your College's FAD administrator.

When should I enter my activities?
You should enter information to get your information up-to-date as soon as possible, with 2013 being the starting point. If you input data in the previous DM database (approximately 2003-2010), please check ALL information and be sure to note END DATES. Entering information into the FAD should be on-going so that any reports generated are as up-to-date as possible. To assist with this, Team FAD has developed a year-round calendar suggesting specific categories to be updated during specific months. Reminders will be sent via email as needed.

What do I do if I do not see a good place to enter my activity?
Consult with your College FAD administrator or submit a query via the FAD's Contact Our Helpdesk.

Can I have a student worker/GA enter my activities for me in FAD?
It is possible to do so. Colleges and/or Departments may wish to set up some guidelines for this. Individuals should consult their College FAD administrator.

What reports will be generated using FAD?
Individuals can generate reports from a standard list of templates under Run Custom Reports (Word, PDF or HTML format). Additional templates will be generated in the future. Administrators can general Ad Hoc Reports, combining specific categories into .CSV, .XML, Word or HTML documents

Will FAD be used for biennial review?
Per Provost Williams, information should be input into the FAD so that the 2013-2015 Biennial Review documentation can be extracted. A template will be created as part of the Custom Reports.

Will FAD be used for promotion and tenure reviews??
Using the FAD to generate documentation for promotion and tenure is currently a personal decision. If a College wishes to make it mandatory, College faculty governance will need to make the necessary changes in its guidelines. Currently there is no template for a promotion or tenure dossier.

What is the link to Sycamore Scholars?
Sycamore Scholars is ISU's publicly available digital repository. If you own the copyright to your journal articles, book chapters, etc., consider loading them into Sycamore Scholars at the same time you are documenting and loading them into your FAD. You can use the Sycamore Scholars URL as a web link in your FAD. This link is available on numerous pages within the FAD.

Who do I contact if I need help?
Start with your College FAD administrator or submit a query via the FAD's Contact Our Helpdesk

How can I sign up for a FAD training session?
FAD training sessions/briefing sessions for all faculty will be created and run by the FAD Faculty Fellow. Colleges, departments and individuals can request training sessions/briefings by contacting the FAD Faculty Fellow. Documentation is available on this site.