SGA Report on Student Health and Wellness

The 56th administration has developed a sustainable proposal to meet the mental health challenges students face at ISU. This proposal calls for a modest increase in student fees, and 62% of your fellow students support this initiative. Mental health is a community-wide issue, so it is critical for us to come together as a community to declare a shared responsibility to fix this problem. We can no longer tolerate 6-8 week waiting periods to get an appointment at the Student Counseling Center. We can no longer tolerate increasing levels of crisis appointments (suicide ideation, sexual assault, psychosis, etc.). We need more preventative programming, and we need to take more care of our most vulnerable students. This is something we can only accomplish together. During the student body election this March, every student will have the opportunity to vote in favor of this initiative.


Sycamore Leadership Coalition (SLC)

SLC Logo

The Sycamore Leadership Coalition is the freshman leadership program sponsored by Student Government. Members of the SLC are the top incoming freshmen with the goal of getting them involved in SGA and the university. It is completely student-run and will allow those involved to create and run events that interest them while benefiting the ISU community. The experience that students get their first year will allow them to be more successful in their college career and other student organizations that they want to be involved in.


Student Advisory Boards (SABs)

Student Advisory Boards are select groups of students that get to voice their opinions and offer constructive criticism to faculty and staff. Each undergraduate college of Indiana State will have it's own SAB in order to confront the issues that specifically impact that college's own students. The purpose is to improve academic success at ISU by allowing students to provide feedback, suggestions, and recommendations to faculty and staff. The faculty and staff will become alert and aware of issues in order to make changes and improvements as needed. 



Student Organization Resource Funding (SORF)

It is SGA’s mission to enrich an Indiana State University student’s education outside of the classroom through the encouragement of social, cultural, recreational, and professional development opportunities for the student body. SGA recognizes the vital role student organizations play in the carryout of this mission and therefore allocates special funding for them each semester. This funding is meant to assist student organizations in programming, operating costs, and to assist the organization in carrying out their mission statement. 


The Forest


The Forest is Indiana State University’s official student section for Sycamore athletics! The Forest is for passionate, energetic Sycamore fans. The Forest has the best seats at athletic events as well as a rewards system for members who are the most involved during the year. The Forest is completely free to ISU students! Stop by the SGA Office to sign up.



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