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Entertainment Design & Technology

.Entertainment Design and Technology

(27 credits)

The Minor in Entertainment Design and Technology is open to all majors and is designed for students who have an interest in focused coursework in Theater or Entertainment Design and Technology, but who choose to major in another discipline. The curriculum is structured in such a way that students will be introduced to all areas of production and may also undertake more focused study in scenery, lighting, costumes, sound/projections or technical direction. The restricted electives are intended to offer relevant interdisciplinary coursework. Students who complete the ED&T Minor will be prepared to pursue careers in a variety of production areas in theater, television, themed entertainment, film, live events, and related industries.

Note: The Entertainment Design and Technology Minor is not available to students who have declared the Theater Major with a concentration in Entertainment Design and Technology.

Required courses:

Advanced Theater Design and Technology Courses - Choose 6 credits from the following 3-credit courses: 

Production Credit Courses - Choose 2 credits from the following 1-credit courses: 

Additional Practical Experience - Choose 1 credit from the following 1-credit courses: