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Mail Services


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Contact:  812-237-8043

Mail Services begins delivery and pick-up on campus at 10:30 a.m. for designated building locations on campus.

Accountable Mail (i.e., registered, certified, express, insured), is received from the USPS at the Mail Services Department and then delivered to and signed for by the addressee or appropriate department person.  Accountable Mail not signed for will be returned to Mail Services .

DHL, UPS, FedEx, and other mail courier services deliver directly to departments, not to the university Mail Services Department.

Mail is sorted by the department's address on mail piece. Faculty and staff should inform their correspondents that the department name and building name must be included in the address.  Mail improperly addressed will be delayed and may be returned to sender.

Loading Up for Delivery


The university maintains non-profit, regular standard and periodical mail permits with the Terre Haute Post Office. The standard mailing permit allows certain materials to be mailed at a greatly reduced rate. A Mail Service Request Form must accompany all standard mailings and requests for special services.

To use the standard rate there must be a minimum of 200 pieces and the contents must be the same. Each piece must have a university return address. Large bulk mailings should be delivered to Mail Services at least seven days before the mailing deadline.

The bulk permits are for university business only; if used for other purposes, the US Postal Service could revoke the permits. Since the non-profit permit has stricter regulations, we request a sample of each mailing so that we can determine it's eligibility. Mail not qualified for non-profit rate can still be sent standard, but at a higher commercial rate. The Mail Services should be consulted before mail pieces are printed so that the correct permit can be affixed.

Standard mail or large volumes of other mail must be boxed by the department presenting the mailing. With advance notice, Mail Services can provide postal trays for large volumes of letter mail or postal tubs for large envelopes. When you have a large volume of outgoing mail, please call Mail Services, extension 8043; this advance notice will enable Mail Services to make provisions for the handling of your large mailing. A large volume is any mailing that would require more than one trip from your pickup area to the mail truck. Our mail routes are scheduled on the basis of one trip per pickup point. Any change in the schedule can cause problems at the sorting area and delay sending mail to the Terre Haute Post Office.


The United States Postal Service delivers mail addressed to residence halls directly to the halls. Campus mail for residence halls is delivered to the area desks in the halls.  Policy and regulations governing student mail are the responsibility of Residential Life.


Campus mail is delivered on the next available delivery, usually the next day. Campus mail envelopes should be used for all campus mail because they allow mail services personnel to readily identify the mailing, and because the envelopes are reusable thus reducing overall costs. These envelopes are available at Mail Services. Empty campus envelopes being returned should be bundled together with a note attached indicating that they are empty.

The address on campus mail should consist of the name of the department and, if applicable, the person to whom the communication is directed. Mail without a departmental designation will be delayed. Extremely long departmental names may be abbreviated. Please do not use initials, room numbers, or building names on campus mail.

Campus mail should be separated from other mail and put in the proper slot of campus mail boxes. Also, large campus mailings that have more than one piece going to a department should be put together.


The University Mail Services was created for university mail only. It is against university policy to have personal mail directed to a university address. As a courtesy, pre-stamped personal mail is picked up daily with the rest of the mail. Personal mail must have the correct postage affixed and be sealed and bundled with a rubber band separately from the departmental mail.

No personal mail is to be billed to a departmental account. Any mail that appears to be personal will be returned to the appropriate department head for clarification.


All outgoing university mail must have a return address and departmental index code clearly placed in the upper left corner of the envelope.  The departmental index code allows ISU Mail Services to bill the mailing to the proper department.

Mail Services can seal regular envelopes during the metering process, all large envelopes or envelopes with flaps at the end must be sealed by the department.

Make sure all outgoing mail has a complete address including a zip code.  Also, make sure international mail has the name of the country clearly printed in English, and all capital letters.

Indicate the type of service required on the mail, especially non-letter mail, large envelopes, or packages.  Mail weighing less than 11 ounces will be sent FIRST CLASS.  Mail weighing over that will be sent third/fourth class unless otherwise indicated.  All international letter mail will go AIR MAIL unless otherwise indicated.

All university outgoing mail requiring postage should be separated from pre-stamped and campus mail.

Mail not received during morning pick-up and delivery may be brought to Mail Services by 3:00 p.m. if it is to go out the same day.  All outgoing mail is taken to the US Postal Service daily at 3:30 p.m..

Metering Mail