Charles E. Brown African American Cultural Center

Charles E. BrownThe Charles E. Brown African American Cultural Center is responsible for developing and providing opportunities for African-American students to involve themselves in creating, innovating, designating, and deciding cultural programs relevant to them. It is further responsible for promoting positive identification, association, and relationship to African-American historical and contemporary culture. The Charles E. Brown African American Cultural Center creates a learning environment conducive for students, administrators, faculty members, and citizens of the Terre Haute community to understand, recognize, and appreciate the contributions made by African-American people.

Historical Significance

Founded in 1972 in response to Black Student Unions protest and list of demands for space reflective of their unique and shared experiences. University leadership recognized and supported African American students need for a separate and safe space which fostered recreation, retreat and cultural rejuvenation. African American alumni recall their experiences as likened to a small HBCU within a PWI. The African American Cultural Center  provided a space for cultural uplift and empowerment which prepared students to deal with challenges and obstacles ahead. 

Charles E. Brown: Longest standing director of the AACC –Served as director for over 30 years. ISU Board of Trustees recognized his exceptional character through the naming of Charles E.Brown African American Cultural Center.

Mission Statement

The Charles E. Brown African American Cultural Center strives to engage students whose educational, intellectual, and personal interests include issues of race, ethnicity and the varied social, cultural and political histories of Africans across the Diaspora.

The African American Cultural Center provides programs and services for students of African descent which fosters:

  • Academic support
  • Social programming
  • Community involvement
  • Cultural immersion
  • Personal growth
  • Professional development

Vision and Goals

  • To uphold the University’s commitment of valuing diversity and inclusion
  • To develop the leadership skills of students interested in making a meaningful impact in their personal and professional endeavors
  • To celebrate the breadth and depth of black traditions, practices, and experiences
  • To provide opportunities for cultural enlightenment, artistic expression, intellectual contribution, and community connections
  • To collaborate with campus and community partners to foster networks for purposeful research, identity development, and career exploration 







301 N. 8th
Indiana State University
Terre Haute, IN 47809
Phone: 812-237-3811
Fax: 812-237-8079

Office Hours:

8:00 AM - 4:30 PM