Where is the Sycamore Pantry located?

The Sycamore Pantry is located on the far North side of the Student Rec Center in Room 131.

How often can I visit the Sycamore Pantry?

You can visit us once per week!

How much food can I take?

1 single student is allotted 13 food items and 3 non-food items (if needed)
1 couple is allotted 18 food items and 4 non-food items (if needed)
1 couple + 1 child are allotted 21 food items and 5 non-food items (if needed)
1 couple + 2 or more children are allotted 24 food items and 6 non-food items (if needed)

What information do I need to bring?

Sycamore Pantry users must bring in their student ID. If you’re a returning shopper, please bring back your Sycamore Food Pantry bag to shop with!

How does it work?

Watch a pantry appointment walk-through in the video below.

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Student Health Promotion 

Located in the Student Recreation Center, Room 131

To book an appointment:

Sycamore PantrySoft QR

Phone: 812-237-3179
Email: isu-sycamorepantry@indstate.edu