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University College Courses

UC 100: First-year transition course designed to assist students in their transition from high school to college. Focuses on institutional and systematical differences between high school and college as well as connecting students to ISU campus and resources.

UC 110: Issues and Ideas. This course is a seminar course, generally used for special populations such as Project Success and 8-week seminars focused on special topics to help students think about the world in a different way. Past Topics include: Natural Disasters, The History of Flags, Research and Writing, Conflict Resolution in the Big Bang Theory, Professional Technology, Weather and Climate, Hip Hop Culture. These change each semester based on faculty expertise and interest.

UC 150: Academic Recovery course designed to help students on academic probation reflect on their past semester(s) and develop skills and connect to resources that will help them get back on track academically.

UNIV 299: Summer Research for students participating in faculty guided research.