The Office of Student Support and Accountability's mission is to be student-centered and educationally motivated. We focus on resolving all situations with a "challenge, support and grow" mentality. Students are encouraged to make choices that enhance their ability to learn, rather than create roadblocks. At times, students will make choices that are contrary to the Code. Staff will constructively challenge the behavior; provide support for all individuals involved with the intention of seeing the student grow in a positive direction. Case resolutions outcomes are focused on encouraging a student with the appropriate institutional support for successful growth. Outcomes may include conduct standings/sanctions to assist the student with understanding future outcomes should they choose to continue prohibited behavior or actions.

Student Support and Accountability also serves as a resource for students.  SSA actively engages students to connect them to resoureces, resolve conflict, form positive university connections, transition to college, and develop coping skills.  The Ombudsperson serves as a neutral resource for all students who just need a listening ear and assistance connecting to the right network or resources.


Student Support and Accountability
Hulman Memorial Student Union,
Room 821
Indiana State University
Terre Haute, IN 47809
Telephone: 812-237-3800
Fax: 812-237-9679