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Multidisciplinary Studies Program


Academic Advisor:  James Wurtz

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Degree (124 semester hours)


Admission to the Multidisciplinary studies major is granted to all new freshmen admitted unconditionally to the University and to transfer students and continuing students who have earned a cumulative grade point average of no less than 2.5 in all prior undergraduate course work. 


Concentration (42 semester hours minimum):


Majors submit a “Concentration Proposal” to the coordinator of the Multidisciplinary Studies Program no later than the end of the semester after admission to the program. If approved by the program faculty, the student may proceed with the curriculum. Once approved, the proposal constitutes the program of study for the major; any subsequent changes in the concentration proceed through the standard petition and review process.



Other Requirements:

  1. Majors complete a special configuration of courses totaling no less than 42 credits;
  2. A maximum of 24 credits of course work may be completed from a specific discipline;
  3. A maximum of 24 credits of course work may be taken outside the College of Arts and Sciences;
  4. Courses required in the concentration cannot be used to meet any Foundational Studies requirement;
  5. Majors must earn a minimum grade point average of 2.5 in the concentration;
  6. A minimum of 74 credits of course work for the degree must be taken from the College of Arts and Sciences.

(MST) Multidisciplinary Studies Courses: