Program Curriculum- Ed.S. School Admin. (K-12 District Leadership)

Graduate Course Catalog            

The Educational Specialist Degree (Ed.S.) is a post-master’s program requiring 60 hours of graduate coursework upon one’s Bachelor’s degree.  Inclusive of Master’s-level course transfer credits, it is typically approximately 30 credit hours beyond one’s Master’s, if graduate credit was earned in educational administration courses or related subject areas.

Completion of the degree meets the Indiana requirements for the School Superintendent’s licensure. Students are also required to pass the ETS School Leadership Series School Superintendent Assessment exam to be licensed be the state. The license places students in qualifying positions as superintendent or assistant superintendent in Indiana school districts, as well as other central-office directorships and leadership personnel.

Up to 39 hours of previous graduate coursework may be transferable toward Ed.S. requirements as received and approved by the EDLR department. However, the student must take (or have taken) a minimum of 27 graduate hours at ISU, and at least 15 credit hours after admission to the Ed.S. Program.

To view the individual course descriptions, go to the Indiana State University current graduate course catalog.

While course sequencing is generally patterned, the curriculum is sufficiently flexible that a person can begin coursework in any semester or over the summer. A student generally takes two or three course experiences per semester.


District Level Courses

EDUC 611 Measurement and Evaluation in Education (3 hours)

EDLR 710 Social Foundations of Leadership (3 hours)

EDLR 751 Administration of School Personnle (3 hours)

EDLR 753 Public School Finance (3 hours)

EDLR 754 School Business Administration (3 hours)

EDLR 757 Educational Facility Planning (3 hours)

EDLR 759 Seminar in School Superintendency (3 hours)

EDLR 790 Individual Research and Study (3 hours)

EDLR 792 Field Research Projects (3 hours)



Building Level Pre-Reqs

Courses that many students may have taken as part of previous graduate level coursework and that may be applied toward the requirements of the Ed.S. Degree

EDLR 605 Philosophy of Education or EDLR 607 History of American Education or EDLR 608 School and Society (3 hours)

EDLR 650 Foundations of Educational Leadership (3 hours)

EDLR 655 Legal Aspects of School Administration (3 hours)

EDLR 656 School and Community: Collaborating for Effective Schools (3 hours)

EDLR 681 The School Principal: Leadership for Changing Schools (3 hours)

EDLR 758 Principal Internship (or campus option) (6 hours)

EDLR 793 Seminar in Effective Practices for Principals (or campus option) (6 hours)

EDUC 610 Research in Education (3 hours)

EDUC 683 Leadership for Learning: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment to Support Improved Student Performance (3 hours)



Intern Program

The Central Office Intern Program is designed to provide students with a rich, year-long field experience under the guidance of a central office mentor and faculty supervisor. Students engage in approximately 10 hours/week (300 over the course of an academic year) of central office administration work in one’s own district or in another easily accessible district. The program is structured to provide an opportunity to apply course content knowledge to real issues of leadership and administrative practice and to the development and refinement of leadership skills and competencies.

The Central Intern Program is a 6-credit-hour experience comprised of EDLR 790 & EDLR 792.

Participation in the Central Office Intern program requires a supplemental Central Office Intern Program Application, signed by the supervising Superintendent, Designee, and/or Central Office mentor and is accompanied by a Memorandum of Understanding between the participating district and Indiana State University. Applications are to be submitted prior to beginning the experience each semester.