Program Curriculum- Ph.D. Educational Admin. (K-12 Dsistrict Leadership)

                          Graduate Course Catalog

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The Ph.D. in School Administration (District Level Administration) coursework is shown below. Students who hold the Ed.S. degree prior to starting the program will generally need the ten courses listed below. Students with a master’s degree should start in the Ed.S. program first, then move on to the Ph. D. program.

EDLR 657 Human Relations in Education Administration (3 hours)

EDLR 682 Contemporary Problems in Educational Administration (3 hours)

EDLR 708 Seminar in the Foundations of Modern Education (3 hours)

EDLR 755 Research Seminar in Educational Law (3 hours)

EDLR 761 Inquiry in Higher Education (3 hours)

EDLR 806 Seminar in Educational Thought (3 hours)

EDLR 850 Advanced Leadership Theory, Governance, and External Relations (3 hours)

EDLR 859 Research Seminar in Educational Administration (3 hours)

EPSY 612 Statistical Methods (3 hours)

EPSY 712 Statistical Inference (3 hours)


EPSY 710 Qualitative Methods Inquiry (3 hours)