Health Tips

Goal Setting: SMART Goals

You can set resolutions any time of year!  Make a fresh start today and set SMART goals.  

Take your idea or wish or dream and rephrase it into a specific goal that you are realistically able to achieve.  Make sure that goal can be measured at the finish line.  

How do you create SMART goals?  Make sure your goal is: 

  • S: Specific - What exactly to you want to achieve? Replace "getting healthy" with "I will walk 1 mile a day 3 times a week"
  • M: Measureable - You need to tool to measure your goal.  Is it pounds?  Number of cigarettes?  Number of days you stretch?
  • A: Achievable - Is it feasible? Are you slightly challenged? The goal should be defined enough that you are able to achieve it.
  • R: Realistic - Start in small steps. Running a 5K is realistic.  Running 5K tomorrow when you are not currently training is not.  
  • T: Timely - Set a clear, firm deadline and ask "Is this the right time in your life to work towards this goal?"


 Contact the Amy Demchak, Employee Wellness Coordinator at 812-237-4117 for more information on how to make SMART goals.