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Listed below are frequently asked questions for veterans.

For more information about aid programs and funding opportunities for veterans, visit ISU's office of veterans services.

  • Veterans and persons on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces (the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard) for purposes other than training are independent.
  • Veterans are those who were in active service (which includes basic training) and were released under a condition other than “dishonorable.” There is no minimum amount of time the student has to have served to be a veteran, but it does have to be active service.
  • Students who attended a U.S. service academy or preparatory school for at least one day and were released under conditions other than "dishonorable" count as veterans for Title IV purposes. Students who attend a U.S. military academy or military academy preparatory school and who are discharged other than dishonorably prior to commission are veterans. These students will likely need to provide the school with documentation (such as a DD-214) that shows they were a cadet of a military academy or its preparatory school.
  • Members of the National Guard or Reserves are only considered veterans if they were called up to active federal duty by presidential order (Title 10) for a purpose other than training. It does not matter how long the active duty lasted or if the student returned to reserve status afterward, but the student must have had a character of service that was not "dishonorable." State Active Duty (Title 32) will not qualify for independent status.
  • Students serving in ROTC or currently attending a U.S. military academy are not veterans.

Please note that GI Bill certification occurs at the beginning of the semester. Students wishing to use financial aid for non-tuition expenses may consider a Federal Direct Loan to offset the delay in GI Bill payments at the beginning of the term.



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