Overview & Fast Facts

The word "technology" covers a broad spectrum of areas of study and this is reflected in the diverse degrees offered by the Bailey College of Engineering and Technology at ISU. If your interests lie in the fields of adult education, technology and engineering education, interior architecture design, automotive, aviation, computing, construction management, civil engineering technology, packaging, automation and controls, engineering technology, electronics, human resources, manufacturing, mechanical engineering technology, information technology, safety management, technology management or textiles, apparel and merchandising, then the Bailey College of Engineering and Technology offers a degree for you. Graduates obtain some the best jobs with solid employment across the United States. These careers provide our graduates opportunities to be successful managers in their chosen industry segment.

We prepare you for professional careers in technology!

Successful graduates in the Bailey College of Engineering and Technology can:

  • Combine technical skills and knowledge with leadership and managerial abilities.
  • Use critical thinking and creative problem solving to apply academic knowledge and technical skills to resolve practical problems.
  • Transfer applied learning in the classroom to workplace solutions.
  • Develop and lead effective work teams.
  • Communicate information to a wide variety of people from engineers and technicians to laborers and executive decision makers.
  • Are competent communicators of both practical and theoretical concepts in mathematics, the sciences, and computers as they relate to the professional's field of expertise.
  • Attain a wide variety of positions such as engineers, technical specialists, managers, supervisors, pilots, educators, trainers, designers, team leaders, buyers, technical sales, and many more.

Our Programs:

  • We offer 20 undergraduate programs and 7 graduate programs.
  • A major emphasis in all Bailey College of Engineering and Technology programs is placed on developing the student professionally as well as academically.
  • Students study technology and management with full-time faculty in more than 30 specialized state-of-the-art instructional laboratories.
  • Cooperative education, internships, and other work-based learning experiences offer students an opportunity to combine academic and professional preparation.
  • Faculty are seasoned with vast industry experience in their respective areas of study.
  • Student professional organizations for each program give students a chance to network with professionals in industry and gain technical and professional competencies.
  • Several programs are nationally recognized.
  • Each technology program is guided by an industrial advisory board comprised of managers, professionals, and experts in the field.