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Faculty, Staff, and Contacts


Ann Rider - Associate Professor, German

Department Office

Nancy Blake - Administrative Assistant


Jon Bakos - Assistant Professor, Linguistics
Marilyn Bisch - Senior Instructor, Latin
Lisa Calvin - Associate Professor, Spanish
Katherine Christie - Lecturer, Spanish
Melanie D'Amico - Associate Professor, Spanish and Linguistics
Cody Hanson - Assistant Professor, Spanish
Karina Hanson - Instructor, Spanish
Brian Jose - Assistant Professor, Linguistics
Sandra Kohler - Assistant Professor, German
Florence Mathieu-Conner - Instructor, French and Translation
Daniel Moore - Assistant Professor, Latin
Francois Mulot - Lecturer, French
Ann Rider - Associate Professor, German
Donald Shorter - Lecturer, Latin
Scott Sterling - Assistant Professor, TESL and Linguistics
Kori Swalls - Instructor, Spanish
Keri Yousif - Professor, French

Emeritus Faculty

Leslie Barratt - Professor, Linguistics
Peter Bruning - German
Michael D. Buzash - French
Jacque Deliere - French
Angelo DiSalvo - Spanish and Italian
Ronald Dunbar - Emeritus Professor, German
Charlotte Ghurye - German (deceased)

Donald Jennermann - Classics and Humanities
Felix Ilarraz - Spanish
Carmen Montanez - Spanish
Cecil Nelson - Professor, Linguistics
Betty Phillips - Professor, Linguistics
Lewis Sego - Linguistics
Cherrie Soper - Spanish and Portuguese