The Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics offers both lower- and upper-division Foundational Studies courses. The learning objectives for Foundational Studies Courses can be found here. Foundational Studies courses offered by LLL include the following:

Foundational Studies: Global Perspectives and Cultural Diversity (GPCD)

Students who have not completed the Non-native language requirement (NNL) in high school will complete GPCD by successfully completing two non-native language courses at ISU. Many 101 and 102 courses can be found under a specific language prefix, but there are also several languages that are offered as LLL 101 (less commonly taught languages). Below you will find a list of recently offered 101 courses. (Please check the Dynamic Schedule for the upcoming semester offerings.)

  • Ancient Greek 101 - GRK 101, 102
  • French 101 - FREN 101, 102
  • German 101 - GERM 101, 102
  • Japanese 101 - JAPN 101, 102
  • Korean 101 - LLL 101
  • Latin 101 - LAT 101, 102
  • Spanish 101 - SPAN 101, 102

For new students who have already completed the NNL requirement (2 years or equivalent of a foreign language at C- or better in HS), they will complete the category by taking one of the approved GPCD courses. 

International Students for whom English is a foreign language are required to take the English Language Placement Test during their New Student Orientation.  The completion of the following courses in Languages, Literatures and Linguistics allow the student to meet the Non-native Language Requirement.

  • ESL 103A, English as a Second Language
  • ESL103B, Writing English as a Second Language

Foundational Studies: Literary Studies (LS)

LAT 215

In keeping with the overall learning goals for Foundational Studies courses, Latin 215 (Classical Mythology) introduces students to the variety, complexity, and richness of Classical Greek and Roman mythology in order to not only place these myths within their original social and historical contexts but also, and simultaneously, consider their continued influence on Western art, thought, and culture. As students will see, this influence extends well beyond the obvious realms of literature and other arts to a broad range of academic disciplines from astronomy to zoology. The course assignments will help students achieve these goals. This course is conducted in English. Please check the Dynamic Schedule for the upcoming semester offerings.

Foundational Studies: Historical Perspectives (HS)

LAT 311

LAT 311 (Introduction to Roman Culture) introduces students to the complex and influential culture of the ancient Roman world from its 7th century BC beginnings as a small hill town on the Italian peninsula through its growth into a vast empire composed of diverse peoples living in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Our study focuses on the experiences of individuals in relation to the complex personal, economic, political, artistic, and religious systems developed in the Roman world over more than 1000 years. The course requires students not only to study the Romans within their original social and historical contexts but also to reflect upon their continued influence on modern art, thought, culture, and institutions. Students consider the record left by the Romans themselves in literature, art, and archaeology, alongside  academic and critical interpretations of modern scholars to fulfill the Historical Perspectives learning objectives. This course is conducted in English. Please check the Dynamic Schedule for the upcoming semester offerings.

Foundational Studies: Upper Division Integrated Elective (UDIE)*

LLL 350

LLL 350 courses are interdisciplinary studies in languages, literatures, or linguistics. Each course is a thematic investigation of a particular topic or issue in languages, literatures, or linguistics that integrates multiple ways of knowing through critical reading and a project or research involving analysis and writing at an advanced level. Topics vary. LLL 350 is repeatable when topics are different. Courses are taught in English.  Please check the Dynamic Schedule for the upcoming semester offerings.

*- Veterans who have served on an overseas deployment are exempt from the FS UDIE