Mission Statement

Campus Recreation is dedicated to providing exceptional facilities, programs, and services to engage the Indiana State University community through diverse recreational and wellness opportunities in a safe and inclusive environment.


Campus Recreation Core Values


The Office of Campus Recreation (CR) operations are guided by the following core values:


CR strives to provide quality and diverse programs.

CR is committed to quality customer service.

CR responds to changing needs of our customers.


CR gives the highest regard to accommodating the unique physical needs of our patrons.

CR is committed to keeping the recreational sports needs of the university community in high priority when challenged by space and budgetary constraints.


CR fosters leadership opportunities that provide quality experiential education outcomes.

CR provides quality leisure activities that balance campus life and promotes healthy lifestyles.

CR creates a working atmosphere for student employees that instill exploration of the recreational sports and/or similar profession.


CR strives to create new markets to increase the value of the “Campus Recreation” experience.

CR strives to offer unique experiences.


CR strives to exceed expectations in activities, programs, and services.

CR provides service, activities, and programs based on a high level of professionalism.


Student Recreation Center
601 N. 6th St.
Terre Haute, IN 47809
(812) 237-4097

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