Contact the Reservations Manager, Office of Campus Recreation, at (812) 237-3915 to reserve any of the facilities in Wolf Field, Rec East Field, Rec North Field, and the Tennis Courts.

Student Organization Reservation Process

Step 1: Submit a fully completed reservation form to the offices of the Student Recreation Center or email the form to Brittani Lee,, Requests for reservations for philanthropy events and large events need to be submitted at least 30 days in advance and any other events at least 14 days in advance. If supplies (tables, chair, trash totes, and stage pieces) are needed those will need to be ordered at least 10 days in advance.

Step 2: The reservation request will be reviewed by the Recreational Sports department and approved or denied based on the facility availability, type of event requested, and capacity of the facility requested. Once approved or denied, a notification will be sent via email.

Step 3: Upon approval, a meeting with Brittani will need to be set up to discuss the details of your event. Completed forms of the Special Event Intake Form, a Certificate of Insurance ($1 million minimum) from your insurance carrier (view sample Certificate HERE), and any other forms that pertain to your event specifically will need to be brought to the meeting. Fees will also be discussed at the meeting if needed.

Step 4: After meeting with Brittani, attending the Special Event Committee Meeting (held every other Tuesday at 2:00p in HMSU 817) and presenting your event is required. At this meeting, the event representative will have a chance to communicate with all individuals to better discuss the event and communicate regarding risk management, university liability, and other factors. Meeting attendees include representatives from the following areas: Campus Recreation, Reservations, Associate Vice President, Risk Management, Sodexo, Campus Life, HMSU, Library, Public Safety, Facilities Management, Grounds, Environmental Safety, and others.

Step 5: Once all of the steps are completed and payment is received the reservation request is confirmed. If the organization wishes to cancel they need to communicate with Brittani at least 5 business days in advance. 

Campus Recreation oversees only the following facilities and/or areas:

1.       Student Recreation Center (after hours)

2.       Arena (North Gym, Racquetball Courts, Tennis Courts, B93)

3.       Wolf Field

4.       Rec East Field

5.       Rec North Field

Reservation Forms

Get form for application-pdf.png Rec Sports Reservations

Checklist of available equipment included. (Updated May 2015)

You will need to print out the form and fill it in.

For questions about Reservations, please contact Brittani, the Reservations Manager at (812) 237- 3915.

Special Event Intake Form

Sample Certificate of Liability