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Student Instructions

Change of Major/Minor/Catalog Year

  1. Log in to MyISU
  2. Click on Student Self Service badge
  3. Under the heading My Degree Program, click on Change of Degree Plan Request
  4. by Select, click on the down arrow and view choice of
    1. Change or Remove Program or
    2. Add Certificate or an Additional Degree* (see below)
  5. Students will usually select Change or Remove Program, which includes change of major, double major, any changes involving minors, and change of catalog year.

Note: If you want to add a major that is the same as your minor, indicate that you are also dropping the minor!

*Occasionally a student will want to select to add Certificate or an Additional Degree (choice 4.b.above). An additional degree is not a change of major or a double major, but is adding another degree such as a B.S.or B.A.