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Curriculum and Grades

Course Repeat for GPA Improvement

Students may choose to repeat any course for grade improvement. Courses that can be repeated for credit are not included in the policy.  Only the highest grade received for the course, taken at Indiana State University, will be included in the computation of the cumulative GPA.  The initial grade(s) and the repeat grade(s) will appear on the student’s record.  Only courses taken at Indiana State University are eligible for course repeat.  An exception can be granted by the Dean of the relevant college on a case-by-case basis.

This process is automatic if the course prefix and number are identical. If a Bailey College of Engineering and Technology course has changed prefixes since you first took it, check on it after the grades come out.  If it appears that the repeat policy was not automatic, come to Student Services in TC101.

 Concerning receiving federal financial aid for a course you repeat: You may include any repetition of a course as long as you have never passed the course. If you previously passed the course, you may include one repetition after passing. Any second or subsequent repetition of the passed course may not be included in your enrollment status for the purpose of receiving federal financial aid.

Dean's Lists

A list of students recognized for academic achievement is prepared each semester in the Office of Registration and Records after grade processing, which occurs after the close of the term. This Dean’s List includes full-time students whose semester grade point average is 3.50 to 4.0. Full-time status for Dean’s List calculation is determined by a minimum of 12 semester hours of punitive grades, “A” through “F”.

Congratulations to technology students who have demonstrated academic excellence!

Graduation Honors

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