Student FAQs

  • How do I sign up for a tutor?

            Come to the first floor of Normal Hall and sign up.

  • Is there online tutoring for distance education students?

             Yes.  Distance education students may sign up for online tutoring of any courses that are tutored in the Center. 

                        To request online tutoring, student should email with their request.

                         Provide the following information:  subject, course number, section number, professor's first and last name.

  • Does tutoring cost me anything?

             Tutoring in the Center for Student Success is offered free of charge to ISU students.

  • How many sessions do I attend?

             Tutoring may be a single visit or recurring appointments.

  • Is tutoring provided in one-on-one or group sessions?

             A combination of one-on-one and group tutorial sessions are offered.

Expectations for Tutees

  • Bring relevant textbooks, notes, laptops, or other course materials.
  • Ask appropriate questions
  • Prepare for your session by reading assigned materials from professors.
  • Attend every class and take notes.
  • When you arrive for your appointment, check in at the desk and swipe your ID.  BRING YOUR ID TO EVERY SESSION.
  • Check the screen to the left of the desk for the room location of your tutor.

Missing Tutoring Sessions

  • In the event you will not be making a tutoring session, please call 812-237-2700 to cancel.
  • PLEASE NOTE - Missing 3 tutoring appointments, for any reason, will result in being removed from the tutoring schedule.

Expectations for Tutors

Tutors are required to do the following:

  • Give you their attention during the session.
  • Provide suggestions to master the subject.
  • Demonstrate processes through examples.
  • Assist tutees in improving their study skills.

Tutors May Not:

  • Do your homework or write on your papers.
  • Provide answers on quizzes, assignments, or exams that will be graded.
  • Act as your representative to any faculty member.