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Aviation Management (AM)

Imagine obtaining a bachelor’s degree that would qualify you for a variety of positions within a very dynamic profession. What if you could take a few years to study an industry and speak to professionals before you committed to what specific area you wanted to work in? Completing a degree in Aviation Management affords you this flexibility and provides an exciting job environment. For decades this degree has been preparing students to enter the aviation field and take key administrative positions. Our graduates are currently employed as Airport Managers, Air Traffic Controllers, Aircraft Dispatchers, Aviation Consultants, Federal Aviation Administration Airports Division, INDOT Office of Aviation, Airline Management as well as others.

For students who are interested in making themselves even more competitive, we encourage them to take leadership roles in aviation student organizations at ISU, complete American Association of Airport Executives training certificates (AAAE) or even obtain a Private Pilot Certificate. If you would like to discuss the degree in more detail, please contact the department chairperson.

Program Strengths

  • Recognized throughout the Midwest as a high-quality program
  • Provides technical and management skills for students interested in working in ground-based aviation positions. 
  • Qualified faculty members and aviation professionals who are dedicated to student success. 
  • Flexible degree allows students to pursue many specialty areas in aviation management

A variety of scholarships ranging from $500 to $1500 are also available to full-time aviation technology students on a competitive basis. Credit is awarded for aviation related internships.

Aviation Management Learning Outcomes

  • Acquire knowledge of air traffic operations
  • Acquire knowledge of airport operations
  • Acquire knowledge of Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs)
  • Acquire good verbal and written communication skills
  • Understand the need for formality and respect in communication
  • Work in a diverse team setting
  • Understand and exhibit ethical responsibility
  • Demonstrate responsibility and professionalism

Career Information

Career opportunties range from a variety of aviation industries. We have ISU alumni working with the Federal Aviation Administration, several branches of the military, aircraft dispatchers, the state office of aviation, airline management, aviation consultants and many other aviation speciality areas.