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Unmanned Systems (UMS)

Unmanned Systems (UMS) is a new leading edge technology which will soon be a significant segment of the aviation industry.  Unmanned Systems represent new and growing opportunities in the civilian, government, and military job markets.  Indiana State University is one of the first universities to offer unmanned systems education and training. Indiana State University is ranked one of the Top Five Best Drone Training Colleges in the United States by Drone Training HQ.

The minor program includes an introduction to unmanned systems operations and a study of advanced unmanned aircraft theory.  Additional areas of UMS modeling and control fundamentals, ground based systems, visual and electro-optical aspects of navigation, obstacle and terrain avoidance systems, modular on-board processing systems, and current applications are explored.

Students learn about the significant regulations impacting the unmanned systems operations and the differences with manned systems.  Paramount to all aviation operations, safety assessment, functional requirements, UMS integration, and sensitivity analysis are explored.  Students demonstrate proficiency in UMS programming, preflight, flight operations, post flight inspection, and mission analysis and debriefing.


Unmanned systems major interns with Illinois utility


(September 2017) Indiana State University senior Grant Hostick spent the summer building connections and working with drones for the largest electric utility in Illinois.
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