Assessment Council: Goals & Responsibilities

Charge to the Assessment Council 

The Assessment Council is the primary governance unit charged with guiding and overseeing institution‐wide assessment activities with the goal of facilitating more consistent and effective assessment that improves student learning outcomes. The Council is charged with identifying assessment issues, developing policy recommendations, facilitating assessment activities, and advocating/promoting the adoption of best practices in assessment. The Council is a University Committee, and its functions are outlined in the University Policy Library, Chapter 170.10. 

Specifically, the Council is charged with: 

  • Developing an institutional assessment plan that is consistent with the institutional mission; 
  • Promoting the implementation of an institutional assessment plan; 
  • Recommending institutional assessment procedures and policies that facilitate assessment activities and encourage the development of a culture of assessment; 
  • Monitoring and promoting the use of discipline-appropriate assessment principles and tools;
  • Conducting periodic reviews of departmental assessment activities and provide formative feedback; and
  • Publishing an annual institutional update on assessment activities.

The Council conducts its activities with the recognition that the faculty have the primary responsibility for student learning and in conjunction with the principles of shared governance. The Council also works with non‐academic areas to ensure that unit assessment is performed on a periodic basis and results in continuous improvement.

Assessment at Indiana State University: A Conceptual Framework provides additional information about the university's assessment philosophy and goals. It also delineates assessment roles and responsibilities for members of the Indiana State University community, from students and teachers to administrators and the Board of Trustees.


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