Assessment Plan Guidelines

Assessment Plan Basics

Assessment Plans at Indiana State University

Units develop and implement assessment plans best suited to the requirements of the discipline and/or accrediting agency and the expectations of the faculty and students. They then summarize this information via three documents:

  • The outcomes library, which identifies all of the student learning outcomes the program assesses and connects them to undergraduate or graduate learning goals;

  • The curriculum map, which identifies the courses and experiences that address each of the outcomes; and the

  • Reporting (choose one - new for Fall 18):

    •  - This is a new form that merges Student Learning Summary reports with Student Success reports to streamline reporting at the program level.  If submitting this form, the deadline is October 15.  Open sessions will be held in the Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence to learn more about this report and ask any questions that arise.  Dates and times are below.  

      • ​Monday, September 10 at 12:00pm

      • Tuesday, September 18 at 2:00pm

      • Wednesday, September 26 at 10:00am

    • The Student Learning Summary Form - This is the form that has been used in the past.  If continuing to submit this form, the deadline is September 1 as it was last year.  Student Success reporting, however, should utilize the new form referenced above; just complete p. 2 only.  That deadline is October 15.

      • In Part One, units list the program-level learning outcomes that were assessed in the past year and identify the measures used to assess them, expectations for performance, results, responsible parties, and means of sharing the results.
      • In Part Two, units explain the specific discoveries, changes, and improvements the program has made or plans to make in light of what the faculty have discovered about their students’ learning, but also about the curriculum, departmental practices or processes, the assessment plan itself, feedback received from the assessment coordinator, and so on. The form may be completed in as few as two or three pages.

A sample report is available: application-pdf.png Sample Student Learning Summary

Deans may set earlier deadlines than those listed above.  The Assessment & Accreditation Coordinator provides feedback on each one using this rubric:

The focus of this review process is to ensure that programs are able to document that learning is occurring and continuously improving.

If you have questions, please contact Kelley Woods-Johnson, Assessment & Accreditation Coordinator, at or 812-237-7975.