Assessment Plan Guidelines

Assessment Cycle

Academic programs and identified co-curricular units engage in annual assessment of student learning outcomes.  Reports of assessment practices, findings, and the way findings were used and shared are submitted annually on October 15.  These reports are evaluated and returned with feedback to encourage ongoing improvement of our collective assessment practice.  

Graphic of the steps in an assessment cycle: 1. Selecting outcomes, 2. Identifying aligned courses, 3. Select/Design measures, 4. Collect data, 5. Interpret results, 6. Use & Share.

Assessment Plans 

Academic programs and other units develop and implement assessment plans best suited to the requirements of the discipline and/or accrediting agency and the expectations of the faculty and students. They then summarize this information via four documents:

Assessment Reporting

The Student Outcomes Assessment and Success Report (SOAS Report) is submitted to the Office of Assessment and Accreditation annually.  For academic programs, the due date is October 15, though college deans may set earlier internal deadlines.  The due date for co-curricular programs is determined annually.  

The SOAS Report includes information on 1) student learning outcomes assessment, 2) student success indicators, and 3) career readiness practices.  Faculty and staff reflect on their practices, student achievement, and ways to use findings for continuous improvement.  

Academic Program Report Template
Academic Report Evaluation Rubric
Cocurricular Unit Report Template 
Cocurricular Report Evaluation Rubric




August - Program Chairs will be asked annually to verify that the learning outcomes library, curriculum map, and assessment plan on file with the Office of Assessment and Accreditation are current.  Updates can be made at any time, and the Assessment and Accreditation Coordinator is happy to provide guidance.  Student performance data relative to outcomes will be collected throughout the academic year.  

October 15 - Student Outcomes Assessment & Success Reports (SOAS reports) are due from each academic program.  College deans may set earlier dates for initial review.  Please refer to college-based communications for more details. 

November - SOAS reports are evaluated and returned to program chairs to recognize strong practices and assist with improvement of overall assessment capacity and practice.  

If you have questions, please contact Kelley Woods-Johnson, Assessment & Accreditation Coordinator, at or 812-237-7975.  


Kelley Woods-Johnson, Ph.D. (she/her)
Assessment and Accreditation Coordinator
Indiana State University
Rankin 243
(812) 237-7975


I am happy to meet to discuss your assessment needs.  Feel free to email, call, or set up a virtual or in-person appointment. 

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