3.7 Policy on Guests and/or Associates or Passive Participation

  • 3.7.1 Guests/Associates
    Students are responsible for the actions of their guests and/or associates while on University premises and at functions sponsored by the University and/or a registered student organization. Students are expected to educate their associates on University policies and encourage all associates to interact positively with all members of the University community.
  • 3.7.2 Passive Participation
    Passive participation refers to a student’s reasonable knowledge of and presence during acts of another prohibited by the University and outlined in the Code. Students willingly participating, present, encouraging, condoning, and/or assisting others in committing acts prohibited by the University may be sanctioned to the same extent as if one had committed the prohibited act. Intent, control over environment and/or items, and ability to seek assistance for or report a violation will be considered in determining a finding of responsible/not responsible.

    Students are encouraged to communicate reasonable expectations of a combined living environment with roommates.

    Students are strongly encouraged to seek assistance from a University official if they suspect prohibited behavior may or has occurred.


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