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The SCOB Index of PRJ Quality is comprised of the Australian Business Dean’s Council (ABDC) Index with an SCOB Addendum List.  The methodology to create the SCOB Index of PRJ Quality is described below.

Australian Business Dean's Council Index

For any given 5 year rolling period, the SCOB will use the most recent ABDC list as well as applicable prior editions to account for the time frame.  The approach includes all ABDC journals during the 2017-2021 window. For example, the most recent ABDC list is 2019.  If a journal is not on the current list, the previous list from 2016 will be examined.  A journal's highest ranking across any given 5 year rolling window will apply even if the journal was downgraded during the time frame.  For 2019, 241 journals from the 2016 list were removed, 157 new journals added, 144 received upgrades, and 17 downgraded. 

Journal Petition Process for Inclusion on the SCOB Addendum List

If a peer-reviewed journal is not listed on the most recent/applicable prior editions of the Australian Business Dean’s Council Index or the SCOB Addendum List, the faculty member must apply to the appropriate SCOB entity and receive approval for its inclusion on the SCOB Addendum List prior to submitting a manuscript for review.  The faculty member is required to submit the rationale for inclusion including evidence of acceptance rate no greater than 40%, peer review, editorial review board members, publisher, as well as rankings on other quality lists, journal impact factor and cite score if available.  The faculty member must also indicate the quality level for consideration (e.g., A*, A, B, C) and may provide additional supporting evidence if applicable.  Journals that appear on predatory or black lists will not be approved. 

To avoid journal overlap with subsequent editions of the ABDC Index list and to also maintain the relevancy of the SCOB Addendum List, journals on the SCOB Addendum List will be re-reviewed every 3 years.

SCOB Approved Journal Addendum List


ABDC Journal Quality List Website

Predatory Journals: What You Should Know

The link to submit a journal for consideration is here:

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