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Caleb Mills Distinguished Teaching Award

Professors are the most important part of any university and Indiana State has some truly great ones. The Caleb Mills Distinguished Teaching Award is the university's recognition of our most distinguished teachers, and several from the college have earned it over the years. It was first awarded in 1968.

Caleb MillsCaleb Mills (July 29, 1806 – October 17, 1879) arrived in Crawfordsville, Indiana from New Hampshire in November 1833 as the first and, for a while, the only, faculty member at Crawfordsville Classical High School, later Wabash College. As the only faculty member he taught all the classes in every subject. Mills was to play a central role in designing the public education system of Indiana.

Starting in 1846, for six years, Mills wrote an annual address to the Indiana legislature regarding public education. In these letters, arguing for a statewide system of taxpayer funded free public schools, he made the case that the benefits of a "good and efficient system of free schools" including township school committees, district superintendents, school libraries, and normal schools to train teachers.

In 1854, Mills was elected Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction. Mills remained on the faculty of Wabash College, teaching Greek and serving as curator of the college library, until his death in 1879.

The Awardees

These awardees are from the Scott College of Business, there is a full list from across the university available.

Susan M. Moncada

Susan Moncada

Professor of Accounting, Finance, Insurance, and Risk Management
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Art Sherwood

Art Sherwood

Associate Professor of Management
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Concetta De Paolo

Concetta De Paolo

Associate Professor of Operations Management and Analysis
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Constance McLaren

Constance McLaren

Associate Professor of Systems and Decision Sciences

Thomas D. Harris

Thomas Harris

Assistant Professor of Accounting


LeRoy Franklin

LeRoy Franklin

Professor of Decision Sciences

Robert E. Thompson

Robert Thompson

Professor of Marketing

Max E. Douglas

Max Douglas

Professor of Management

Bruce McLaren

Bruce McLaren

Associate Professor of Systems and Decision Sciences

Ralph E. Mason

Ralph Mason

Professor of Business and Distributive Education

Mary Ellen Adams

Mary Ellen Adams

Professor of Business

Ervan J. Holtmann

Assistant Professor of Business

Phyllis A. Barker

Professor of Accounting

Vachel E. Breidenbaugh

Vachel =Breidenbaugh

Professor of Business