Minimum Enrollment Requirements for Financial Aid

Certain types of financial aid and scholarships require full-time enrollment for disbursement. Students should monitor their award requirements to ensure that minimum enrollment criteria are satisfied. In addition, many need-based awards require that the Office of Student Financial Aid take a "snapshot" of student enrollment levels as of a certain date.

In particular:

  • The Federal Pell Grant requires enrollment to be finalized on the 7th calendar day of the term. While part-time grants are available, the maximum amount of the award requires full-time enrollment.
  • The Frank O'Bannon Grant (also called the Indiana Higher Education Award), as well as several other state grants such as Twenty-First Century Scholars, require full-time enrollment on the 28th calendar day of the term.

In cases where enrollment monitoring is required, awards will be frozen as of the date specified for each award type. It is generally advisable to finalize student enrollment before the first week of the semester ends, in order to prevent uneven disbursements or cancellation of financial aid.


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