Networks Professional Development Program

Networks and NPDP Scholars

Through a four year progressive experience, the Networks Professional Development Program prepares students to enter the workforce with the essential elements of knowledge, skills and experience for success already in place. The program consists of the following components:

  • Professional Development
  • Student Leadership Experiences
  • Career and Educational Planning
  • Networking and Experiential Learning
  • Mentoring Program

Here, we've provided a snapshot of the scholar experience as well as examples of activities and growth that Networks Scholars achieve during their time at Indiana State University.

Professional Development

Professional development is driven by comprehensive assessment of researched industry needs for new hires. Personalized assistance comes from mentors and the ISU staff. Scholars are awarded an account with $3,000 to assist in their career and professional development. The education team assists the scholar in planning how to use these funds effectively. Some of these experiences may include: travel supporting their career interests, internship support, conference participation, and student professional association memberships. Outside-of-class seminars are built to address the interests and developmental needs of scholars.

Leadership Experience

Students can provide leadership in many ways and are encouraged to engage in entrepreneurial activities. Scholars explore and follow their own interests to engage in student-initiated and student-run leadership activities. Some examples of student leadership opportunities in the Networks Professional Development Program include:

Networking and Experiential Learning

Scholars interact with fellow students, NFI Indianapolis staff, ISU faculty, staff, administrators, community leaders, and industry professionals. Scholars gain knowledge through work-based learning experiences and engage in personal reflection in order to organize, interpret, and bring meaning to their experiences.

Mentoring Program

A mentor is an experienced and trusted advisor--a positive role model--who provides support, assistance, advocacy or guidance to another. Faculty mentors provide personal support and encouragement for accomplishing educational and career goals. Corporate mentors provide a corporate/industry point of view while working towards career goals. Scholars also serve as peer mentors to each other through formal team projects and informal cooperative experiences.


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