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Sales & Negotiations: Sales Competitions

The Sales and Negotiations Center at Indiana State University plans to participate in at least two sales competitions each year. This is an important opportunity for our students to meet and compete with the very best sales students in the country. These competitions typically include Career Fairs and significantly enhance employment opportunities for our ISU students.

Recent ISU sales teams include:

2013 -- National Team Selling Competition -- Stephen Borkowitz, Brad Ketzmer, Brittany Kirk, and Jacob Sapp.

2012 -- National Team Selling Competition -- Britany Dean, Felicia Politz, Mitchell Robinson, and Andrew Sullivan

2011 -- National Team Selling Competition -- Rita Ahlborn, Kelsey Keegan, Sam Lewis and Tim Pearson

2011 -- National Collegiate Sales Competition -- Alex Harrold and Zach Tate (competitors); Annie Smith and Amanda Turner (student coaches)

2010 -- National Team Selling Competition -- Alex Harrold, Terri Ketzner, Lauren Martin and Amanda Turner

2010 -- National Collegiate Sales Competition -- Emily Stites and Kayla Tucker

2009 -- National Team Selling Competition -- Kevin Pingsterhaus, Brittany Reynolds and Kayla Tucker

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