Irma Ehrenhardt Scholarship


  • Preparation for a career as a secretary or an office manager (2-year or 4-year program).  Secretarial skill potential common to standards of professional excellence.
  • Evidence of outstanding academic performance.
  • Although recipient(s) will be selected annually, committee may choose to renew award for a previous recipient.

Donor Profile

Irma Ehrenhardt, 1932The Irma Ehrenhardt Scholarship was established by Mrs. Irma Ehrenhardt Vesser to recognize and assist outstanding ISU students preparing for careers in secretarial science and office administration. Mrs. Vesser earned the B.S. degree at Indiana State University in 1925 and the master's degree in education at Harvard University in 1929. She served on the ISU faculty for 12 years (1929-1941) and was a charter member of the ISU Chapters of Kappa Delta Pi and Pi Omega Pi. She was an official delegate of the NEA's Business Education Department to the International Congress of Business Education in Prague, Czechoslovakia, in 1935. She was voted one of the ten outstanding teachers of business education in 1939. Mrs. Vesser served on the Long Beach City College faculty for 26 years--from 1942 until her retirement in 1968. She died in November 1996.

Past Recipients

  • Alayna Aparicio, Jacob Johnson, Zachary Lane, Jay Patel, 2020
  • Austin Kutch, 2016
  • David Houchin, 2011
  • Robert Harrison, Dara Denny, Tony Stevenson, 2010
  • Sarah McClintock, Barry Overpeck, 2009
  • Robert Heller, Mallory Kessler, Heather Lark, Rebecca Milner, 2008
  • Mallory Bannon, Sean Harmon, Heather Lark, Rebecca Milner, Ranielle Moore, 2007
  • Jared Brown, Jessica Burch, Sean Harmon, Matthew Lutton, Rebecca Milner, Amanda Willis, 2006
  • Tina Bedel, Ashley Daugherty, Adrie Koehler, Jessica Burch, Jamie Wagner, 2005
  • Ashley Daugherty, Adrie Koehler, 2004
  • Ashley Daugherty, Adrie Koehler, 2003
  • Eliot L. Deters, Andrew C. Dunn, Jason P. Hendrickson, Brett M. Hoopingarner, Ryan K Kamman, Jeremy R. Monroe, Angela M. Rogers, Christopher J. Street, Evan D. Whitman, 2002
  • Sarah Chapman, Eliot Deters, Jason Hendrickson, Pamela Hyde, Michelle Martin, Christina Monroe, Jeremy Monroe, Mandy Morin, Angela Rogers, Amber Smith, 2001
  • Traci Ball, Ashley Baunach, Stephanie Bowen, Chad Eaton, Jennifer Gosnell, Jason Hendrickson, James Kersey, Michelle Martin, Christina Monroe, Angela Rogers, Sarah Thompson, 2000
  • Jennifer D. Reece, 1989

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