George J. Eberhart/Delta Sigma Pi Award for Leadership


A member of Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity who is considered by the membership to have made the greatest contribution to the success of the fraternity.

Donor Profile

Beta Iota Sigma’s first year on the campus was in 1959 and was sponsored by Dr. Paul Muse, the then head of the business Department, and Dr. George Eberhart. It was organized to meet the needs of students majoring in business on a non-teaching curriculum. The organization was so named because the Greek letters could also refer to Business at Indiana State. In May 1959, Beta Iota Sigma petitioned Delta Sigma Pi, the professional business fraternity to become a Chapter, and became the Delta Tau chapter of Delta Sigma Pi on October 10, 1959.

George Eberhart served Indiana State from 1936 to 1968. In 1983, George was presented the "Order of the Golden Helmet" award by Delta Sigma Pi for 50 years of support and service to the Fraternity. 

Past Recipients

  • Abby Markowski, 2020
  • Courtney Hengehold, 2018

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